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A Tale of Two Fountains

In every city, there is one iconic man-made structure that is commonly associated with it – the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, the Pyramids of Egypt, or even [..]

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Baybay Beach in Roxas City

What I like most about my adopted city is that when I want to relax and unwind after a difficult day, I just drive five minutes from home, [..]

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Olutayan Island: A Mini-Boracay in Roxas City

When one visits Roxas City, what does one do aside from partaking all the fresh sea foods available?  One can always enjoy the cool breeze in Baybay while [..]

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Manila Fastfoods vs. Capiz FRESH Sea Foods

When I made the bold decision to uproot myself from Manila and set up my surgical practice in Roxas City, Capiz – little did I know that I [..]

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While cleaning up my hard disc to free some needed space for my travel photos, I came across this file containing the song entitled “Kanino?”.  It brought back [..]

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Enchanting CAPIZ

Capiz is one of the four provinces in the Island of Panay in Western Visayas (the others being Iloilo, Antique and Aklan).  The capital is Roxas City, located [..]

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