Olutayan Island: A Mini-Boracay in Roxas City

When one visits Roxas City, what does one do aside from partaking all the fresh sea foods available?  One can always enjoy the cool breeze in Baybay while drinking an ice-cold beer with fresh oysters as “pulutan”. And when one looks out the vast Sibuyan Sea, two islands are visible: the uninhabited islet Mantalinga and the bigger island Olutayan (which is a barangay of Roxas City).




Olutayan Island seen from the boat


Me & my friends spent a day in the island


Olutayan island is just a 45 minute motorized boat ride from the wharf in Pan-ay, Capiz.  It has largely been under-developed although there are some cottages for rent in the island.



A picnic cottage for rent


Dos Hermanas Resort


There is a small part of the island facing Capiz that has a stretch of white sands and fine corral beach. Perfect place to laze around and watch the fishermen do their chores.



Beach front just like Boracay - without the algae


View of the white sand beach from the other end of the island


In the past, dynamite fishing has destroyed much of the coral reefs around Olutayan Island.  But this has changed and coral reefs are beginning to grow again and attract more colorful deep-sea fishes.  Hopefully in time, the coral reefs will be in full bloom again.



Coral reefs beginning to show signs of life again



So the next time you visit Roxas City, consider a day trip to Olutayan Island.  It’s a slice of Boracay – without the unruly crowd and the pesky algae.



Our private beach for the day!


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