Baybay Beach in Roxas City

What I like most about my adopted city is that when I want to relax and unwind after a difficult day, I just drive five minutes from home, and I am in Baybay Beach – a seven kilometer of fine gray-sand beach facing Sibuyan Sea.  On a clear day, one can see Romblon Island in the horizon. I just find myself a spot where I sit down on the wet sand and watch the world pass by.



From the beach, one can swim to Mantalinga Island


Baybay beach is dotted with several small beach resorts – but one need not pay good money to enjoy the beach.  There is a portion of the beachfront that has been developed and made into a strolling area for weary souls to come and re-energize.  This is the People’s Park – open and free to the public to enjoy.



View from Flat Rock Resort, one of the many resorts in Baybay Beach


Wide open area in People's Park


You may also want to stay and watch the sun set in the horizon – purely magical when the sky turns into multitude of colors before the sun finally disappears.



Lazing around waiting for sunset


Spectacular colors of sunset


One can swim in the clear waters of Baybay Beach, build sand castles in the shore , or skim board the gentle waves.  There are so many things you can do in Baybay Beach – and it wouldn’t cost you much.  That is life as I enjoy it here in Roxas City.



Skim Boarders waiting for the waves to come


Enjoy the unobstructed view - for free!


What would you like to do this afternoon? Go to Baybay Beach?


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