Colorful Banig Products of Basey


Intricate woven design: Hand-made to perfection

While touring the different sights in Western Samar, we dropped by Delza’s Native Product’s Showroom located at San Fernando Street in Basey, Samar.  Delza has been producing these colorful products made from hand-woven banig – placemats, bags, floor rugs, etc.  Her excellent products have found their way into the different bazaars in Metro Manila.


Native artworks by local artisans


Geometric designs

It is interesting to know that  the raw materials (hand woven banig) are made by the people of Basey near the caves, as Gerry & Ludette Ruiz explained to us.  They need the cool/cold temperature to keep the banig (“tikug”) pliant so that they can weave them easily. You may want to see them in action in a picture that Gerry Ruiz captured here. Once woven, they are ready to be made into fashionable bags.


Colorful handbags

Fashionable backpacks

Fashionable backpacks

When we got to Delza’s store, she was busy “firing” away the bags using a flame torch – a finishing touch to the banig products to get rid of the loose strands of banig fibers.

Delza torching the bags to get a better finish.

Delza torching the bags to get a better finish.


Native banig bags for the fashionistas worldwide

If you happen to pass by Basey town, make sure you drop by at:

Delza’s Native Product

San Fernando Street

Basey, Samar

(055) 2761059



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