Sto. Niño Shrine Museum & Heritage Center: Lost Glory

In the center of Tacloban City is Imelda Marcos’ legacy to Leyte: the Sto. Niño Shrine (it is actually a Museum and Heritage Center). This  is just one of the 29 presidential rest houses that the late President Ferdinand Marcos built during his reign.


Impressive lattice work of the facade of the building


Main Hallway


The miraculous Sto. Niño image


Photo-op c/o Ludette Ruiz of Leyte Gulf Travel & Tours

This rest house has obviously seen better days.  Furniture are all worn-out, lights are not working well (too gloomy for comfort) and termites have overtaken much of the wood works.  Still, in it’s ghostly state, one can still appreciate the grandeur of this place.


One of the few Grand ballrooms still preserved: a place to entertain presidential friends


"Chandeliers from Vienna", as the guide would always point to us

There are several artworks still left in this museum – however badly preserved, they are still impressive.  The on-going litigation has made preservation of the building and its’ contents extremely problematic. Hopefully, the ownership issue will be settled soon before the whole structure collapses …


One of several original Malang artworks


Imelda's portrait done by an Italian painter


One of the many sculptures left: the bust of Imelda & Faerdinand Marcos combined

When in Tacloban, visit this Museum. The opulence of the place (or what it represented) could make you cry.  But this is still part of our history. There is definitely something in here that we should learn from.

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