Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House: Delicious

What else do you do in Hong Kong aside from shopping and sight-seeing? EAT of course!


This may pre-empt my wife’s blog on our recent Hong Kong trip (read HERE), since she is the FOOD blogger between us. But I just had to take this exception and write something about the Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House (others spell it “Wun“, instead of “Wan“; translated as “Add Good Luck“).  This hole-in-the-wall HK dimsum house located in Mongkok District. was made famous in the blogger-sphere because of the Michellin star it has been awarded (roughly translated = Michellin star equals extremely GOOD food = expensive).  And believe me, the long wait outside is well worth every minute (or hour/s)!



Locals & tourists crowding the front of the dimsum house


Armed with our reloaded Octupus card, a reliable HK map and a near-empty stomach, off we went in search of Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House.


When we got there at around 5:30 PM, there was already a small crowd outside the small dimsum shop.  From reading the other blogs about this place, we knew that we have to get a number in the queue. They have this ledger where they log in NOT your name, but your number in  the queue and how many you are in the group … in our case, we were number 227, for a party of two (227/2). The one in charge then gave us a slip and a pencil where we should choose our orders.  The order slip was in chinese!



The ledger, menu slip and pencil (in the pink platic basket)


Chinese menu!!!! Our number: 227/2


Hmmmm … good thing there were magazine clippings posted outside the main glass window of the dimsum house, with color photos of some (not all) of the dimsum offerings.  But matching them with their chinese labels proved to be too daunting for us.  A good samaritan came to our rescue and offered to translate the menu for us! Otherwise, we would have just ticked on the menu and hoped for the best …



This man was the one who helped us with our orders


First in the list of priority to order were the steamed fresh shrimp dumpling and the steamed beefball with bean curd skin, two popular food frequently mentioned in HK food blogs.


After waiting in line for just 45 minutes, our number was called and we were ushered inside the cramped 28-seater dimsum house.  Our dimsum nirvana was about to begin ….



Inside the dimsum house


Our orders were served in quick succession. First to be served was Vermicelli Roll stuffed with BBQ Pork.  I surveyed the other tables and each one had this dish. So I guess, this is also a very popular dish here.  After the first bite, there was just silence between the two of us … If this first dish was any indication of how good the food is in this place, then we hit the jackpot on only our first day in Hong Kong!



This photo grabbed from my wife's food photo collection


And then came the Steamed Fresh Shrimp Dumplings … One order had four pieces only (bitin!), so we made sure we had our fill of this famous dumpling and we ordered TWO servings!



Four delcious pieces of shrimp dumplings (Also from my wife food photo collection)


Then the rest of our orders came out …



Steamed beefball with bean curd skin (photo c/o my wife)


Steamed rice with fish fillet and garlic


Steamed egg cake


Just when we thought that all our orders were served, the dessert came out!  Tonic Medlar & Petal Cake – highly recommended by our good-samaritan cum translator, over the more common mango pudding.  And he was right – it was a perfect ending to this dimsum feast! BURP!


Sweet ending ... but NOT too sweet!

Our dimsum experience was so great that we decided to return to this same place the following night. I will just let my wife’s food blog do justice to that eating experience.  We rarely do a double-take in eating in a particular place, unless it is worth coming back to. And definitely, Tim Ho Wan is on top of our list in Hong Kong.



This is our new favorite eating place in HK!


Oh, I forgot, our total bill for this dimsum feast?



Seven orders + unlimited hot tea = HK$104!


Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House

Tsui Yuen Mansion, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok

Phone +852 2332 2896


We took the MTR to the Yau Ma Tei station and got out at the A2 exit (Pitt Street). We made our way to Nathan Road and walked north on the same side of the street. We turned right at Dundas Street and walked east, past Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Tung Choi Street, and Fa Yuen Street. We turned left at the fourth street, Kwong Wa Street, selling mostly remote control toys/stuff.  Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House is on the right side – just look for the crowd!


Happy eating everyone!


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2 responses to Tim Ho Wan Dimsum House: Delicious

  1. Lee

    We’re going to HK next weekend. What time is best to go to Tim Ho Wan to avoid long wait?

  2. Administrator

    Hi Lee. We were there on a Sunday and then the following day, at around the same time, 5:30PM. We waited for 45 mins the first time and 1 1/2 hours on our return. So I can probably say that it is bet to go on a week-end. Regarding them time, it seems it does not matter. Just avoid the lunch time crowd. BTW, it is open 10AM to 10PM. Bon appetit!

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