Hong Kong Revisited: 2010

I have been to Hong Kong several times before – as a wide-eyed tourist (my first out of the country trip ever), a social visit to my brother who used to work here and twice to attend a medical meeting.  But the last trip I made to this former British colony was to have my wristwatch repaired in the watch’s service center located in the North Point district.


Let me digress a bit. My swiss-made watch, my wife’s precious wedding gift to me, used to  have a service center in Makati – but it has since closed shop.  And I was directed to the “authorized” repair shop in Ali Mall in Cubao.  But they were charging me an arm and a leg to have my watch repaired (P18,000.00 + courier service to Switzerland + insurance, which could amount to anywhere from P25,000.00 – P30,000.00) – something I was not willing to shell out.  So I emailed my watch’s maker to ask where the nearest service center  is – and they pointed me to the direction of Hong Kong. Thus, my latest trip ….


On our  first day, we went to Mongkok in search of  Tim Ho Wan Dimsum Shop.  Nathan Road, the main shopping area, was lit up with all the neon lights and people walking in all directions.



Crowded Nathan Road even on a sunday night


Everyone rushing in all directions


The following day, we went to other side of Hong Kong (North Point in Hong Kong Island) to to have my wristwatch repaired. We spent some time there – and even had lunch in one “turo-turo” restaurant (yes, we literally had to point since they did not have an english menu!).  It was also in this side of HK where we found another highly recommended noodle shop (my FB blog here).



Hong Kong side skyscrapers


This side of HK is even busier than Kowloon side!


On our way in search of a famous noodle house


On our third day, we decided to go to Lantau Island and see Nong Ping 360* … the only touristy site we have not visited during our past HK sojourns.



Charming sculptures line up the paveway up Nong Ping 360*


Playing around


A foreigner offering some incense


To end our day, we strolled down Avenue of the Stars and waited for the Symphony of Light show … while debating where we would have our last dinner in Hong Kong.



Crowds milling in the Avenue of the Stars


A Chinese barge


Contemplating on his star?


The clock tower


Lighted buildings in the Hong Kong island


The finale was the light show which I felt was rather unimpressive … or maybe I was just expecting too much?  But I do not remember it to be lacking in intensity and colors the last time I saw it.



Symphony of Light show


I forgot to mention that I had my watch repaired … and it cost me only HK$1,800 (around P11,000).  So for the original repair cost quoted to me in Manila – I got my precious watch repaired and had a grand vacation in Hong Kong as well! Cool.



On our way to the HK International Airport


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