Conquering Mt. Tapyas: Exhilarating

There are only a few things you can do in the town of Coron.  One can actually navigate the whole town on foot in just an hour (or less) and get to see Coron leisurely.  Towering behind the town’s main catholic church is the second highest mountain in Coron – Mt. Tapyas.  Very inviting and deceptively looks easy to climb.



This is how "small" Coron Town is


Easy directions to get to the foot of Mt. Tapyas


Ready for the trek?


And so, why not climb the the 700+ steps going to the top of Mt. Tapyas in Coron town in Busuanga, Palawan?  After almost an hour of negotiating those concrete steps (with matching huffs & puffs and several stops along the way), I was rewarded with a spectacular view of Coron and the Calamianes group of islands.  Breathtaking! This is just our first day in Coron, and I was given the chance to see what awaits us in the next few days.



More than 700 steps going up!


A few more steps ...


Actually,  one can climb up the mountain leisurely because the steps are concrete and there are hand rails all the way up … but if you want to catch the spectacular sunset from the top, you better start the trek early.  Be warned though that the Mt. Tapyas steps are unlighted so it gets tricky going down after sunset under the cloak of darkness.  Be prepared with flashlights.



The steel cross marking the top


Calamianes Islands in the far horizon


The bay of Coron


The steps going down


We can’t wait to discover those beautiful islands and the lakes/coves that are hidden in them!  Our Coron adventure has just begun!


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