Kayangan Lake: Spectacular

On our second full day in Coron, we started our “small Coron Island hopping circuit” by taking a motorized boat off the main Coron wharf (where the wet market is located).  One can hire a boat on the spot – and the fees are regulated by the local government, so you get a good idea of how much it would cost you.


Standardized Fees

It just took us about thirty minutes before we round about Coron Island (not to be confused with Coron Town located in the main Busuanga Island) and saw all those gorgeous limestone cliffs.  It took our breath away! Our first stop is Kayangan Lake – declared as the cleanest lake in the Philippines.


Limestone cliffs


Getting off the boat

Getting off the boat and into the island was no problem.  But when we looked up and saw the trail going (initially up, then down) to Kayangan Lake – it almost discouraged us since we were traveling with two senior citizens.


Rules of Kayangan Lake


The initial trail - going up

After a few minutes (seemed more like hours actually!), the lake can be seen through the thick foliage …. and it lived up to it’s promise.



The trail going down to the lake


Clear blue waters of the lake


Both our parents made it to the lake!



The lake was was so inviting that I did not mind the cold water and jumped right in.  I also took some underwater shots just to show you how CLEAR and CLEAN the water of the lake is.




This is NOT an aquarium! Taken near the edge of the river.


Crystal clear water of the lake

After one hour of doing nothing but admiring God’s beautiful creation, it was time to move on and see the other sites of Coron.


The wharf

On top of the mountain, before going downhill to the wharf below, you get this magnificent view of the cove in the entrance to the pathway going up to Kayangan Lake.  I think this is the most photographed scene in Coron … simply beautiful.


Picture perfect!


They also call it the "BLUE LAGOON"

One of the rules posted in the entrance to the lake sums it all:

“Take nothing but pictures.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Keep nothing but memories.

Kill nothing but time.”

And these we all did in Kayangan Lake.

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