Siete Pecados: Snorkeling Heaven

Our next stop during our Coron Island-hopping tour was the Siete Pecados Marine Sanctuary – a group of seven islets and home to a diverse and rich coral garden underneath the clear blue waters.  People here know how important it is to safeguard this Marine Sanctuary – and our boatman repeatedly told us the do’s and dont’s in this snorkeling heaven.



Small sign that welcomed us in the Marine Park


Simple rules: No Poaching, No Anchoring and NO use of Tikin


With rented snorkeling gear, we dove right into the waters.  I have never seen these many fish before – and all so colorful.  I think these fish are trained to approach you when you get into the water – or maybe they have been accustomed to tourists who come here and feed them with day-old bread.  It helps that poaching is banned in this protected area, so the fish feel safe with humans.



I was the first to jump out of the boat!


Wow! The fish literally mobs you!


Some fish jump off the water!


Taken from above the water - see how clear the water is?


Beware though that the undercurrent in this part of the Marine Park is very strong.  I was so focused with all the fish around me that I did not notice that I drifted away from the boat!!!


After an hour of admiring the underwater scenery,  we moved on to our next destination.



The Marine Park's guardhouse


Siete Pecados Marine Park Main Office


Next stop, Barracuda Lake.


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