Barracuda Lake: Invigorating

On the same island of Coron (in the Calamian Group of Islands in Northern Palawan) is the other must-see lake, the Barracuda Lake.  Named so because, according to legend, there lives in this lake the barracuda fish, a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance.



Both Kayangan & Barracuda Lakes are in Coron Island


The all-to-familiar limestone cliffs


We again passed by those familiar linestone cliffs, not knowing that we will be experiencing it firsthand! 



Our boat approaching the entrance to Barracuda Lake


The wooden steps lead to the blue marker (actually, the rules of the lake) and there starts the trek up the limestone path.


 We got into the cove that has direct access to the pathway going up (again!) the lake.  The dock is smaller and not as busy as that of the Kayangan Lake and belatedly (after we got to the lake) we knew why – not ever tourist who visits Coron dares to navigate the treacherous hike going to Barracuda Lake.


Getting into this lake, unlike in the Kayangan Lake, you have to have a great sense of balance since there are no concrete or definite steps nor stable handrails that will support you.  You literally have to tread on limestones! Ouch!



Pathway to the lake (Photo courtesy of


But once you get to the lake – WOW! The dangerous trek was all worth it.  Another clear and clean lake, this time walled off with those gorgeous limstone cliffs.  The place was so quiet and eerie that we can hear our own heartbeat.  We swam in the lake and looked up and marveled at the beauty of this place – simply amazing!



The narrow pathway in between limestone walls, the only way to enter the lake. (Photo courtesy of


No, we didn’t stay long enough to meet the resident baraccuda of the lake. But we stayed long enough to admire the rich tapestry displaying the greatness of our creator.


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