Twin Peak & Lagoon: Breathtaking

Our penultimate destination before heading off to Banol Beach for sunset, is the Twin Peak & Lagoon.  The twin lagoon is nestled in a cathedral of huge limestone formation in what is known as Calis mountain in Coron Island. There are two peaks with a small interval or crevice in between – visible and accessible only during low tide. It is here where the fresh water lagoon meets the salt-water lagoon from the other side.



Approaching Mount Calis


The freshwater lagoon (1st of the twin)


Surprisingly, we were the only boat in the lagoon at that time, so we had the place all to ourselves. It was like having your own private hide-away.  It helped that we arrived here close to 5:00 pm when most of the tourists have either gone back to the main island or have gone elsewhere to watch the sunset.



Crystal clear water in the small passageway



My wife (putting up a brave smile) with our guide entering the small crevice in between the two limestone peaks.


It took some courage for us to swim through the narrow crevice in order to reach the other lagoon (second of the twin). One could feel the temperature of the water change gradually from cold, to cool to finally warm (on the saltwater side of the lagoon).  The other side had the trademark marvelous limestone formations enclosing the lagoon.



Magnificent: Twin Peaks & Twin Lagoon


The calm water of the second lagoon


We didn’t stay long in the second lagoon - since we didn’t know when exactly the high tide will come.  And if we do get caught with the high tide, there was no way to get back to our boat on the other side  but to dive through the small passageway – something that we didn’t want to experience.



Time to move out of the lagoon ...


The sun was setting quickly ...


We could have stayed here forever! But we have a sunset to catch … so, with a heavy heart, onward to our final destination for the day: Banol Beach.


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