Golden Sunset in Banol Beach: Breathtaking

For our last stop in our Coron Island Hopping Tour, we sailed to an isolated beach in one of the coves of Coron Island – Banol Beach.  It is a small strip of powdery fine sands that can rival Boracay’s shoreline anytime – minus the algae.  A limestone cliff stands proudly behind the beach as a background. We got there just in time for sunset.



The rays of the sun created a perfect display


Great location with limestone cliffs as background


When we arrived, there was a motley of tourists who were there before us.  But the beach was big enough for all of us to have some privacy. Besides, their group left the beach soon after we arrived anyway.  So we literally had the beach all to ourselves until we left.


And the water, as expected, was blue and crystal clear, teeming with fishes.



Tourists who came before us


My in-laws getting off our boat


We went right into the warm water – enjoying the view in front of us as the sun made a spectacular show that day. Slowly descending into the sea and mountains in the horizon - exploding in glorious colors! What a way to end our day!



Even my mother-in-law cannot resist to go in the water!


Princess Christine, our boat for the day


We had a young couple who joined our tour


And for the finale?  A sunset like no other … breathtaking would be too tame a word.  The sun made a spectacular performance that day for us.  I will just let the photos speak for themselves.



Slow descent ...


Just perfect!



We all had a great time the whole day, our second day in beautiful Coron.



The happy faces of my wife and my in-laws


Tomorrow is another day – another day to explore Coron.


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