Getting Lost in Tokyo: Discovery

     We left our hotel early this morning armed with the Tokyo city map, a compass and a full stomach – in search of the largest fish market (auction) in the world: Tsujiki Fish Market in Shimbashi.  And as expected, we got lost along the way!


    But getting lost in Tokyo has its rewards – you discover some things unexpectedly. And today, we found the OLD Shimbashi Railway Station tucked in between the tall skyscrapers of Tokyo in the Ginza District.



The oldest railway station in Japan


It has been reconstructed and now houses a museum and some stalls.


    Shimbashi Station is the first railway station in Japan and was built in the early 1880s by the americans (thus, the design which is not typically Japanese).  It was destroyed in 1923 during the Great Kanto Earthquake. The station was then rebuilt in an area to the west, where the exisiting Shimbashi Station of the Japan Railways (JR) stands now.



The old and the new in Tokyo


Tall buildings dwarf this elegant stucture



    Filipino conservationalists should learn from this Japanese model – instead of tearing down old buildings in Manila, they should reconstruct them and make them servicable and useful again.



Details of the window


Lost, tired but happy!


The Old and the "New"


    Getting lost in Tokyo is now an all-too-familiar occurrence for us. But then, we get so much enjoyment getting lost TOGETHER.


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