Harajuku: Crazy Tokyo?

    Harajuku in Shibuya area of Tokyo comes alive every Sunday when the teenagers of Tokyo congregate here in animated costumes (“anime” and “cosplay”). It’s one day in the week when they literally let their hair down!



Tourists also come in drove here every sunday


All waiting for the craziest "cosplay" or "anime" to appear


    So last Sunday, off we went to Harajuku to try and capture the craziness of the Japanese youngsters.  We didn’t get lost this time since Harajuku has a smaller train station and fewer exits so finding the right place was a breeze.  It helped that most of the tourists congregated in one particular street: Takeshita Dori.



Relatively tame outfits


Getting bolder ...


I think this one just got out of the Psychiatric ward!


    It was great seeing these people, who work tirelessly the whole week, get some break and be their crazy selves. The following day, it’s back to the boring basic black skirt and white blouse to the office …



A standout among the crowd


    However, Harajuku is not only about teenage culture and shopping. Meiji Shrine, one of Tokyo’s major shrines, is located just west of the railway tracks in a large green oasis shared with Yoyogi Park, a spacious public park. Beautiful ukiyo-e paintings are exhibited in the small Ota Memorial Museum of Art.  More about that later …


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