Fushimi Inari Shrine: Amazing

     On our way to Nara from Osaka, we made a brief stop at Fushimi-ku in Kyoto to visit one amazing shrine dedicated to the Shinto God of Rice, INARI.  We didn’t have the chance to go here while in Kyoto since it was way out of the main city - Fushimi-ku is a town located in the mountainous region of Kyoto, just two stops on the way to Nara.



Thousands of Torii Gates


A Shinto priest offering some prayers


     Fushimi Inari Shrine is very famous for the countless torii gates, the orange-colored offerings by worshippers, that is spread out in the hiking trails of Inarisan, the wooded mountain behind the shrine’s main buildings. It takes more than two hours to walk along the whole trail.



Two pathways lined by (bright orange) Torii Gates


Inside one of the Torii Gate-lined pathways


     In the early Japanese period,  Inari was considered also  as the patron of business, so that each of the Torii that is lined up in this mountain trail is donated by a Japanese business. Free advertising perhaps?



The black inscriptions in the Torii with the name of the sponsors


A shy Japanese woman on her way to worship in the shrine


And you would think that the Japanese are die-hard "Hello Kitty" fans ...


Can't resist the photo-op! :)


     So when you head out to Kyoto, you shoudn’t miss this shrine and enjoy the hike around the mountain trail.  Something good for your heart, as well as your spirit.


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