Food in Japan: Oishi!

     Between me and my wife, it is she who does the food blogging best.  But while in Japan, I could not resist taking some food photos as well. So here are some of the memorable food we had while in Japan recently.  I don’t think we had any bad meal at all – maybe just one meal that was average in taste compared to the others that we tasted while in Japan.



Korokke (Japanese croquette)


Deep fried but without the oily taste.


We usually get the set meals – main course with soup and a side dish. This korokke meal came with this delicious Udon (thick noodle) soup.





     Once, we had this set meal in Tokyo – it was a stir-fried pork that tasted like tocino! Yummy and so familiar in taste.  I do not remember the dish name though.



Stir-fried pork dish


My wife is so partial with seafoods that she ordered this dish with grilled salmon twice!  It was so that good that she repeated this order in two different restaurants. I settled with the grilled chicken-rice dish.



Grilled salmon with miso soup


Grilled chicken in rice bowl for me


This is the restaurant in Kyoto where we had dinner


     When in Japan, one should always have sushi/sashimi. We were saving this meal in the Fish Market in Tokyo – where the freshest tuna are auctioned off.  But passing by a supermarket one day, we saw this sushi on sale – we bought a pack and ate it in our hotel room. We also got a bento box – with chicken and some assortment of Japanese side-dishes.



Sushi for dinner


This was our "so-so" meal ... what do you expect from the supermarket, right?


     In Nara, we went inside the first restaurant we saw after disembarking from the train station.  We were famished and the heat outside was unbearable for touring Nara.  This was our cheapest meal in Japan – 450Yen for my wife’s Tonkatsu Donburi and 350Yen for my Sukiyaki Donburi.  We “ordered” from a vending machine by inserting money and then pushing a button with the picture of the meal we wanted. A slip is printed out and you give this slip to the waitress.



The "vending" machine is the one on the right side with people lining up to choose their order.


Tonkatsu Donburi with bottomless green iced tea


Sukiyaki Donburi with bottomless green iced tea for me


     After touring the Himeji Castle, it was about 1:00PM already.  So we went inside a restaurant just outside the castle to cool off and have lunch as well.  The prices were a bit steep but since it was our last day in Japan and we still had some yens left, we decided to splurge here by ordering the takoyaki (octopus balls) with our meal.





Huge ball but with a minuscule piece of octopus tentacle!


Good thing my wife's Soba Noodles were extremely GOOD!


I forgot the name of this beef dish with eggs, plus clear soup.


     We always had healthy Japanese breakfast at the hotel (assorted bread, vegetable salad, eggs and sometimes with either potato salad or macaroni salad). Part of the breakfast is an “open” vending machine – drink all you can during the breakfast hour (usually 7 am to 8:30 am). That was the best part of the breakfast in Japan!



Free drinks from the vending machine!


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