Nishiki Ichiba: The Kitchen of Kyoto

     Whenever we find ourselves in a new place, we are always  attracted to the fresh market of that city. We make it a point to discover  for ourselves what the locals buy – and the best place for that is their market. You can never tell what bargains await you there!



     And when in Kyoto, one should venture out to go to Nishiki Ichiba or Nishiki Market.  From the Kyoto Train station, we took Raku Bus 101 and got off  at the Shijo-Takakura bus stop and walked a few minutes and found the 390 meter long covered shopping street with 126 stalls.




The east end of the street market is marked by this temple: Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine!


Covered street market



     Different kinds of fresh and processed foods including many Kyoto specialties, such as pickles, Japanese sweets, dried food, sushi, and fresh seafood and vegetables are sold in the 126 stalls lining the 5 meter wide street.




Japanese delicacies



     Known by tourists as “Kyoto’s Kitchen“, Nishiki Market began in 1311 when the first fish store opened here.  In fact, many stores in this market have been operated by the same families for generations already.




Food preparation on site


Even plants and flowers are on sale there!


Locals and tourists buy here



     What is interesting in this fresh market is the obvious cleanliness of the market (well, not surprising since Kyoto as a whole is a clean city)  – and the whole place does not stink at all even if fresh sea foods are openly sold here.




Very clean streets!


A must visit place in Kyoto.



     After strolling the whole length of the street market, we set out to look for a good place to have our lunch.  There were endless eating possibilities in this place!  The problem was, to chose one among the many good places to eat.



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