Calea: Bacolod’s Best Pastry Shop?

    After the Chicken Inasal lunch, we still had time to kill while waiting for the MassKara Parade to kick off at 4:00 pm, so we headed to Calea, the most famous pastry shop in Bacolod.  The last time we were here was in 2003, so I am not so sure if their cakes are still as good as I remember them to be.



Calea's facade


     Calea is already a landmark in Bacolod City – hop into any taxi and just tell them to bring you there. But be sure to tell the driver to bring you to the ORIGINAL Calea, which  is located at the side of L’Fisher Hotel in Lacson Street.  It has grown through the years that they have opened two branches – one at the Robinson’s Place and the latest one at the East Block along the Circumferential Road.



Refrigerated counters of all types of cakes



Packed with regular clients and tourists attending the MassKara Festival


     Calea is most famous for their Chocolate Cake … so we ordered two slices and added a slice each of Oreo Cheese Cake, Mud Cake and Apple Pie – and decided to share them among the five of us.  We also ordered capuccino and latte to perk us up before venturing into the streets of Bacolod City to revel with the MassKara people.



Five slices of cake


     The place was expectedly packed – since it was a Sunday and it was MassKara season.  But one would expect the Calea management to have anticipated a large volume of patrons descending on them – and prepare for this eventuality by getting more people to serve their customers. Alas, we were wrong!  It would not have taken them more than five minutes to slice the cakes (we ordered what were available at that time) – but it took them 20 minutes (after constant follow-up) to serve the five slices. Worse, they served the coffee after another 20 minutes of constant follow-up! Talk about service.  In fact, a group of American tourists who came ahead of us – simply walked out of the place after waiting forever.


     So, despite the lousy service, were the cakes worth the LONG wait?



Moist Chocolate Cake



Choco Lava Cake



Apple Pie



Oreo Cheese Cake


     The cakes were not overly sweet (despite Bacolod being the sugar capital of the Philippines) - that was common in all the four cakes we tasted.  I would personally rate the Oreo Cheese cake the best of all the four and the Choco Lava cake as an ordinary cake ice cream. The Chocolate Cake?  I know one that makes “to-die-for” chocolate cake here in Roxas City – so I would not venture out to Calea for that.



Improve on the service please


     I hope they will be more prepared to handle a deluge of customers in next year’s MassKara Festival.  Because we intend to return to Bacolod next year with our travelling barkada from Manila, Tarlac and Los Banos.


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  1. Kai

    Hello, can you please share who makes the “to-die-for chocolate cake” in Roxas City? Thanks.

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