MassKara 2010: A Burst of Colors

     It was a blend of revelry, fun and a burst of colors – the MassKara 2010!  Despite witnessing only ONE day (in the 20-day extended fiesta) … it was well worth the day trip from Roxas City to Iloilo and then the ferry ride from Iloilo to Bacolod. And the “Amazing Race” back to Iloilo, catching the last ferry out of Bacolod …



MassKara 2010: Let's celebrate life!


     The MassKara (note the correct spelling: capital M and K – coined from the words “MASS“, meaning “crowd” and “KARA“, spanish term for “face” – thus the entendre for “MASKS” and “MANY FACES”) festival was first celebrated in 1980 to add color and life to Bacolod City’s celebration of its Charter Day anniversary on October 19 – the same year that their province experienced the tragedy of the M/V Don Juan sinking and the progressive decline of the sugar industry. 



"Mass" = many + "Kara" = face ... Many smiling faces!


Pink mask to celebrate October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


     The smiling mask was a way of putting on a happy face despite all the gloomy events that the Negrenses have experienced.  And since 1980, the festival has grown into a huge celebration of FUN and FESTIVITY – a “major, major” tourist destination.



A sea of colors ... everywhere!


Negrenses of all ages participate in the street dancing ...



     This year, one particular tribe tried to be different by wearing masks that were clearly not smiling at all! 



Where's the smile?


     But aside from this tribe, all the rest were in full regalia – outdoing each tribe in terms of flamboyance, colors and accessories.  It was indeed a sight to behold.  Bacolod City is ALIVE and WELL – and they sure know how to celebrate!



Faceless mask



Masks for sale


Bacolod City deserves a BIG kiss!


     We will be back next year. So mark your calendars – the street dancing will be on October 15-16, 2011.  Hope to see you there!


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