The Happy Faces of MassKara 2010


High School students stiking a pose for the photographers


 These are people behind the masks …



The sunny smile of a Negrense teen


Enjoying the fun under the sun



     Behind all those colorful and elaborately designed masks are the young people of Negros Occidental (usually, high school students from the different barangays of Negros).  They invested time, effort and hard work to come up with the great choreography and dynamic presentation.  The masks themselves are heavy and difficult to wear, much more to dance with in an upbeat tempo.  But these energetic youth sacrificed a lot to put on a GREAT show for all of us to enjoy.  Hats off, or better still, masks off to them!



Happiness is ...


Negrense teens on a romp


Young ladies strike a pose



     The previous day, rain tried to dampen the spirits of the MassKara Festival participants … but that did not stop them from giving their best. And still with the characteristic smile that has earned Bacolod the monicker, “City of Smiles“.  Their energy level was so high and infectious that you would want to dance with them! And we actually did!



The Capiz Camera Club (CCC or C3) was there!


"She Said" was there too!


I was there too!!!


     To all the Negrense youth who braved the rains and the heat, thank you for the great show! We hope to see you again next year – still with the sunny disposition that makes this world a much better place to live in.



Peace on Earth ...


Peace in Bacolod!


Ooooppppsss ... SMILE! Hope to see you again next year!


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