The Masks of MassKara 2010


Masks on the street of Bacolod


     Since we were in Bacolod only for a few hours, we were not able to visit the MassKara Village 2010 at the Robinson’s Place Bacolod to view the 61 masks on display (and in competition). Instead, we saw them “live” in the streets of Bacolod where the infectious revelry was happening … a real visual treat!



Venetian inspired mask?


Masked fingers?




     The masks were designed by the different local artists of Negros Occidental – each mask was created uniquely, with a particular design and concept in mind.  They were hand-made from diverse materials like recycled plastics, cloth, fiberglass, feathers, beads, etc. And to create something beautiful is a photographer’s delight.



Balinese inspired mask?


A simple colorful mask


     In the end, what we witnessed was a colorful and happy display of the Negrense’s upbeat spirit – enjoying life despite the hardships they have been dealt with. 



Ingenious use of christmas balls


The gold mask


     Barangay Mandalagan emerged as the over-all champion in the barangay category (they were 1st runner-up last year) – winning both the best mask and costume award, and besting 19 other barangays.  CONGRATULATIONS.

     But the real winners were the tourists (local and foreign) and photo-enthusiasts who, despite the threat of rain brought about Super Typhoon Juan, were all out in the streets of Bacolod City enjoying every minute of the presentation.



A photographer's delight


Until the next street parade ...


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