The Del Monte Clubhouse: Best Steak in Bukidnon?


The Clubhouse Menu

     We (our travel barkada of seven) were on our way to Malaybalay, Bukidnon to witness firsthand the annual Kaamulan Festival.  We arrived in Cagayan de Oro from Manila by plane and rode a van going to Malabalay.  But since it was near lunchtime, we decided to take a detour and pass by the Del Monte Clubhouse  in Manolo Fortich – well-known for their delicious steaks.  Famished from our morning flight from Manila – we were all ready to devour a whole cow!



The Clubhouse Restaurant Entrance


     This place is famous in the blogsphere for their steaks, so what else do we order but STEAK!  A “complete” order comes with soup, salad, vegetables, fruit salad, rice or bread and coffee.  Each order is good to share though, so do not be intimidated by the price range of the steaks in the menu.



"Our Reputation at Steak" says the menu


Our Malaybalay host, Dra. Leila Santiago-Flores, finalizing our orders.


At P20 only, the bottomless del monte pineapple juice is a steal.


     After a few minutes, all our orders were served and we were busy with our meals.  Unfortunately, it may not be the chef’s best day when we came for lunch that day – the roast beef was too dry and flooding it with the gravy didn’t improve the texture.  However, the sirloin steak, as big as the 12 inch plate was the run-away winner – taste-wise and value-for-money.



Too dry, too roasted beef?


Juicy steak


This is the best steak in Del Monte Clubhouse! But I still reserve the "BEST steak in Bukidnon" tag to Tita Eddy Santiago's mouth-watering steak!


      The dining place has a great view of the Del Monte Golf Course.  You enjoy your meal while enjoying the views as well.



The golf course


The view

     The Del Monte Clubhouse is also famous for their blueberry cheese cake.  But everyone was so full that we had to skip that one.  Maybe on our next trip to Malaybalay?


     So, is this where you get the BEST steak in Bukidnon?  No.  The BEST beef steak in Bukidnon is Tita Eddy Santiago’s specially cooked beef steak she serves the Benedictine Monks. We were fortunate that we were able to taste her special dish!



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  2. Dear delmonte club house,

    We are your regular client pls. Send us email on your students group packages breakfast on oct 24 2012 with half serve steak and fruite salad our usual order for students. This are l
    Hrm students 50 to 80 pax.

    Mr. Godiz
    Godiz travel

  3. Administrator

    Hello Mr. Godiz. This posting may be too late. I hope this gets to Delmonte Clubhouse manager. I am in no way connected with them.

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