Brunch with the Monks of Malaybalay


Sharing a meal with the Benedictine Monks of Malaybalay


     When we planned this trip to Malaybalay early on, we were not exactly sure how it will turn out.  It was good timing because we were able to witness the colorful and vibrant Kaamulan Festival, as well as attend the sunday mass at the Benedictine Monastery of the Transfiguration.  As an added bonus, the monthly BRUNCH with the monks (held every 2nd sunday of the month) was on the same day that we attended the sunday mass!  How fortunate (and blessed) are we?



The sprawling al fresco "dining" area set up in front of the Church


The meal-ticket area: A monk collects the money that goes for the upkeep of the Monastery


     The buffet brunch was served after the 8:00 AM sunday mass (at around 10:00 AM) – and it is open to those who wish to partake of the meals specially prepared by the monks from the fruits of their labor in the farm lands they till.  The P150.oo charge gets you to taste the Monk’s famous (yummy!) Humba dish as well as some other dishes made from the available ingredients at that time.



Humba: The house specialty


Seafood Pasta


Dessert: Fresh fruit salad, banana from their farm and matamis na ginataang bilo-bilo


     To top off the hearty meal, they served the world-famous (bottomless) freshly brewed Monk’s Blend coffee.  Made from coffe beans lovingly tended in their sprawling coffee farm – it is the BEST coffee I have ever tasted.



Bottomless Monk's Blend coffee


Cup after cup of freshly brewed coffee


     Brunch time is one of the few times that the Benedictine Monks break their silence.  They even help out in cleaning the tables!



Small talk with the monks after the brunch


Dom Martin (aka Gang Gomez, the fashion designer turned monk) cleans out the tables


Menu that day: Humba, Chicken dish, vegetable dish, Seafood Pasta. All wiped out after a few minutes!


     If and when we return to Malaybalay, we will make sure to schedule it in a week-end when the Monks hold their monthly Brunch.  It is the best P150.00 meal we ever had!


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