Monastery of the Transfiguration Church: Inspiring

      One (of the several) highlights of our stay in Malaybalay was celebrating a solemn sunday mass with the Benedictine Monks in the magnificent Transfiguration Monastery Church set in the rolling hills of San Jose, just outside the city proper of Malybalay.



The first Filipino Abbott, Fr. Eduardo Africa and former Malaybalay bishop Gaudencio Rosales inaugurated this Church on August 6, 1983


     The Church of the Transfiguration Monastery  on top of San Jose Hill in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon is known for its pyramid chapel made of heavy lime blocks and wood, designed by National Artist for architecture Leandro Locsin. Architect Locsin took reference to the mountain range of Mt. Kitanglad to design this scared House of God – effectively blending the structure to nature.



The Church's design conforms to the mountain range in the background.


Artfully done arches mimicking the landscape


     This church is a popular destination for people who want to pray and for those who are seeking peace of mind and calmness of soul and spirit – just being there is a whole new experience.  Here, one feels a lot closer to God – physically and spiritually.  We attended the regular 8:00 AM Sunday mass for the community, and since it was the Kaamulan Festival, the church was filled with locals and tourists.  They say that the 5:20 AM daily mass is more solemn and if one is lucky, one can actually see the monks levitate while in deep prayer or meditation …



Standing Room Only


The main altar with a solid rock in the center


Preparing for the mass


     At present, there are around 10 Benedictine monks  who tirelessly tend the surrounding  7 hectares of fertile land planted to rice, 25 hectares to corn, and the rest for planting the world-famous Monk’s Blend Premium coffee.  The coffee alone deserves a separate blog altogether.



The Church is surrounded by fertile land


A magnificent house of prayer


A simple reminder to all


     After the concelebrated mass, we were all spiritually nourished.  What was next was physical nourishment of a different kind – having BRUNCH with the Benedictine Monks!  We really felt blessed that day …


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  1. darwin

    The design of the (New) Transfiguration Church was pattered after the chapel of Transfiguration, which is at the nearby Paul VI Institute of Liturgy. According to the institute’s director Fr. Anscar, an architect from Cagayan de Oro City (around 3 hrs. from Malaybalay) originally designed the “tent” of the Transfiguration.

  2. Administrator

    Thanks for this information Darwin!

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