Malaybalay Food Haunts: Calories!


The best blueberry cheese cake in Malaybalay?


     What we also enjoyed during our brief visit in Malaybalay was the FOOD!  I  wrote about our STEAK lunch at the Del Monte Clubhouse.  And I concluded that the best steak in Bukidnon can be found in the cozy home of Dr. Leila Santiago-Flores in Malaybalay. That was where we had dinner on our first day in Malaybalay … and the first time we tasted Dr. Leila’s mom’s (Tita Eddy) mouth-watering beef steak.



It was like a feast in Tita Eddy's home ... also a must eat was her signature Roasted Chicken Eddy


There was even a lechon!


     The following day, we had a quick breakfast at the hotel and rushed out to the street in time for the colorful street parade.  We were invited for lunch at the hospital cottage of a friend’s college classmate where home-cooked (or should I say, hospital-cooked?) food were served to us hungry tourists.



The entrance to the cottage


Fish-fillet and vegetable dish


Yummy home/hospital-cooked food


     I cannot now remember the name of the place we had dinner (was it Amadeo’s?) … but we had really good seaweed salad and other delicious food as well.



Seaweed salad


A beef dish


Seafood dish for Dr. Leila who is a non-meat eater


     The following day, we had brunch with the Monks before proceeding down south to Valencia. By mid-afternoon, we were all famished so we had a late lunch at the Roadside Cafe – and was able to taste the famous Bulalo Steak – complete with the heart-clogging bone marrow!



The cholesterol plate ... literally, to-die-for!



You would easily guess that this is Dr. Leila's oder ...


     Let’s talk about the BEST dessert we had in Malaybalay … I already blogged about the SUNFLOWER Cafe where we had halo-halo.  At the home of Tita Eddy (now you know why we would like to go back there!), we were served this delicious moist home-baked chocolate cake, a gift from Dr. Leila’s friend, and blue berry cheese cake to-die-for.  These sweets were paired beautifully with the freshly brewed Monk’s Blend coffee. Heaven!



Arguably the BEST moist chocolate cake in Malaybalay


Perfect pair - the famous Los Banos Cheese Cake and Coffee


     By the way, the cheese cake was lovingly prepared from scratch by Dr. Leila for Dr. Elaine Manigbas, who just celebrated her 21st birthday.  If you want to taste it, you have to look for Dr. Leila not in Malaybalay, but in Los Banos in Laguna (well, actually in Bay, Laguna).


     How can you not enjoy a trip to Malaybalay?  We can’t wait to go back … :)


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