A Trip to the Tropical Island Paradise






     This is our first trip for 2011 – and I still consider it a part of my GOLDEN year celebration that started last year.  It was never in my “must visit” places, but it has intrigued me enough to go and visit the tropical island paradise of Bali in Indonesia.






     Getting to Bali from Manila can be difficult since there are no direct flights that connect Manila to this Indonesian Island in the Indian Ocean.  One has to go to HongKong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Singapore from Manila and then get a connecting flight to Bali from any of these ASEAN cities which have several flights a day to Bali.  We chose to go via Singapore and spend a few days there as well.




     When our friends heard that we were going to Bali, they were unanimous in saying that the white-sand beach of BORACAY is far more beautiful than Bali’s.  So why go through all the trouble of going to Bali considering that Boracay is very accessible to us – a mere three hour land trip will get us to Caticlan.




     But there is more to Bali than the beach itself.  We are not surfers, so the beach is the least of what interests us in Bali. But being photo-enthusiasts, we were going there for the arts and culture that permeate throughout the island.  There is something deeply mysterious about Bali – and we will discover it for ourselves.


     Bali here we come!!!!



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  1. maru minosa

    ricky and rica. just love your photos. keep on with your travels. hanggang vicarious experience na lang ako pero enjoy na rin!!! take care, okay?

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