Bali’s Art Scene – Everywhere



     While navigating the roads from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar going to our hotel in Legian Beach, I noticed that almost everywhere you look, there is an Art Shop and stores selling different types of artworks – from the usual paintings and wood works or carvings, to the huge stone sculptures that adorn typical Balinese houses. There are even glass works that can pass for Orlina glass creations.




     This only proves that ART is alive and well in Bali.




     Even in our trips outside of the main city, in the remote towns and villages of Bali, I saw ingenious ways that Balinese express their artistic talents – like carving intricate designs in the whole coconut shell or carving designs in the long bones of cows (appearing like ivory).





     There were also artists in the villages painting outside their homes – and selling their crafts by the roadside.





     Indeed, art is everywhere in Bali.  Those ancient majestic temples are visual testaments to the artistic talents of the Balinese – temples that have withstood the test of time.




     Ah, those beautiful temples!  More on them later …



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