Pura Luhur Uluwatu



     One of the most recognizable tourist spots in Bali is also one of the oldest temples of the island: Pura Luhur Uluwatu.



     This majestic cliff hanging temple is located in Bukit Penninsula, at the southernmost portion of Bali island.  Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of Bali’s kayangan jagat (directional temples) and guards Bali from evil spirits from the southwest.  Though a small temple was claimed to have existed beforehand, the structure was significantly expanded by a Javanese sage, Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century.





     Bali’s most spectacular temple is located high on a cliff top at the edge of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. There are more steep headlands on either side and sunsets over Uluwatu are a sight to behold.





      Beware that the temple grounds is inhabited by a large number of wild monkeys who are extremely adept at snatching visitors’ belongings, including bags, cameras and eyeglasses.  One monkey almost got my water bottle!



     This is just the first of several temples we visited in Bali.  Each one of them as beautiful and elegant as this.  We stayed long enough to view the spectacular sunset over the Indian Ocean.  What a way to end our first day in Bali.  I can not wait to see more …



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