Pura Penataran Sashi: Indonesia’s Mysterious Moon of Pejeng



     Pura Penatarann Sashi is one of the six representative temples in Bali. It is an old temple that existed before the spread of  Hinduism to Bali. Sashi is the Indonesian term for  “Moon“.



The main entrance to the temple


The shrine of the "Moon of Pejeng"


     The Moon of Pejeng is an exceptional kettle drum unlike any other, that sits high in the temple grounds, guarding the village of Pejeng in Bali, Indonesia. Well cared for by the villagers, it has its own little house built up on stilts. Although it really isn’t a moon, it is as fantastic as any member of our universe. For the Moon of Pejeng is the largest kettledrum cast in a single piece in the entire world.






The Shrine


     “Moon of Pejeng” is an ancient historic relic of the 3rd century B.C. that represents the Bronze Age of Southeast Asia. It is the world’s largest kettle drum, measuring 160 cm in diameter and 186 cm in height.



That's not a temple ghost!


Typical Balinese temple offering


     This is one of the few temples in Bali that do not charge any entrance fee, but a little donation can help in it’s upkeep.  Beware though that there are instant “tourist guides” who will tag along while you wander around the temple – and offer you information about the temple.  At the end of your tour, he will ask for money in exchange for the unsolicited tour! Just one of the many tourist traps in Bali!



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