Bali Beach Scenes



      On our fourth day in Bali, we decided to spend the whole day at the beach and take a break from all the temple visits.  We were staying in the Legian Beach area, so we just walked a few minutes and we were there – the famous Bali beach.


      Legian Beach is suppose to be the “quieter” beach in Bali (compared to the other more famous one, Kuta Beach).  If only for the expanse of the beach front and the span of the seashore, Legian Beach does not seem crowded at all.  Everyone can have a small private space in the beach – that despite the fact that there were thousands of tourists there at that time.



A family busy digging in the sand


Surfer Dudes and Surfer Dogs?


      There was even a family of German Shepherd dogs playing in the beach, unmindful of the people walking around them.  They were frolicking in the water, as if it was second nature to them (well, for Labradors, maybe).



Let's play!


      And the beach scene would not have been complete without the ambulant vendors plying their trade – there was one lady selling tropic fruits, another one selling Indonesian  sarong cloth or malongs …



Indonesia Batik Cloth for Sale


Rambutan, Bananas, Coconut ...


Sarongs for Sale


      And what would Bali be without the surfers?  More on that later.



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