Bali Beach: Surfing the Waves of Legian Beach




      The beaches of Bali are well known destination for serious surfers … and for a good reason.  The wide open beach, combined with the great waves from the Indian Ocean are ingredients for a perfect surf.  Something that is present all-year round.






      And wherever you look, any time of the day, the beach is filled with surfers! All sorts of them, and from of all age groups.












      I think the waves here in Legian Beach are milder (smaller? safer?) compared to the waves you find at  Kuta Beach that is why the surfers here are mostly neophytes. Or I maybe wrong. Maybe because there are fewer people here than in Kuta Beach, the new surfers feel less intimidated by the professional surfers who use Kuta Beach. 









      You can sit idly in the beach all day long and watch one surfer after another hit the waves and fall.  Or you can people-watch … which was what we did.  No, we didn’t see Kris Aquino’s barkada that day.  They were probably holed up in the comfort of their five-star beach resort in Kuta ….





      …… While we were happily watching people in Legian beach bum around.  Come to think of it, we were beach bums for a day in Legian Beach! WOW!




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