Casa de Vera: Our Home in Santiago City



      When we invited ourselves to visit our good friends in Santiago City, Isabela, we didn’t know what to expect. After all, Santiago City is known more as a commercial center than as a tourist destination.  In fact, Santiago City is considered the “Trade and Commercial Center  of Cagayan Valley” because of the presence of so many business establishments (especially commercial banks) and its’ proximity to the urban centers of Region 2.




      Getting to Isabela from Manila can be an 8-9 hour bus ride by land passing through the Maharlika Highway, or maybe just a 50 minute plane ride from Manila to Cauayan City.  We went by plane and took a leisurely road trip from Cauayan Airport  to Santiago City, with a stop-over lunch at Cauayan City before making a side-trip to Magat Dam.




      But the best part of our trip to Isabela (with a side trip to Ifugao) was our stay in our dear friends’ home in Santiago City.  It was like a secret beach retreat in Boracay Island or a slice of Bellarocca Resort in Marinduque!  The family’s Guest House was in white, to contrast with the blue tiles of the swimming pool.  It was so serene … and welcoming!






      Our home in Santiago City, Casa de Vera … definitely worth coming back to.






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6 responses to Casa de Vera: Our Home in Santiago City

  1. bona de vera

    hi ricky napakaganda kasi ng camera ninyo ni rica and magaling kayo talaga kumuha kaya gumanda ang aming residence ha ha ha…. thanks for the new name CASA De Vera. We like it. Others call it the “White House” or “De Vera Hotel” … I will finalize the name to CASA DE VERA and will always remember you and RICA as the author…..

  2. Shelley Mangahas

    Casa de Vera beckons. I have to see it and feel the graciousness of the de Vera hospitality, too! BTW here is an interesting trivia:

    Kayo naman de Vera de Santiago. So now there is a historical background to Casa de Vera de Santiago. :)

  3. Administrator

    Maganda yang naisip mo: “Casa de Vera de Santiago“, CVS for short. O ayan Bona, dalawa na kaming “authors”! :)

  4. Administrator

    Wala yan sa camera at sa galing kumuha … MAGANDA talaga ang Casa de Vera! :)

  5. che pacial

    wow very nice :) pinaparentahan po ba ito?

  6. Administrator

    Sorry Che. This is a private guest house and it’s not for rent.

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