Dariok Hills: Church of the Transfiguration




      Our next stop in Santiago city is the Church of the Transfiguration located at Barangay Balintokatok built on the top of the Dariok Hills.  A few minutes drive from the city center, this patch of spiritual garden starts at the foot of the hill with the life-sized “Last Supper“. And as you walk up, there are the various stations of the cross.







      This place is popular during the holy week when throngs of people gather here to pray.  But on the day we visited, we were the only ones there.  The place was so serene and quiet that you can commune with nature and with the Creator.  And with the sun setting in the west …  all the more one can feel His presence here.




      The Chapel reminds me of the Opera House in Sydney – only in a much smaller scale.  It faces the east, so it catches the first rays of the sun as it rises.






      A huge statue of Our Lady of Lasallete stands in front of the Chapel … facing the west towards the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the City of Santiago as if protecting the city from any harm.




      It would actually be nice to go back here on a Maundy Thursday and do the Via Crusis … that is, if we can get our friends to ask us to visit them again.




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