The Majestic Magat Dam




      After a hearty lunch in Cauayan City, we headed westward to the next city of Isabela: Santiago City, our homebase for the next few days in Isabela. Along the way, we took a short detour to the town of Ramon where the Philippines largest man-made dam is located.






      Magat Dam, or properly called as “Magat High Rise Dam and Hydro-electric Plant” was constructed in 1975 and was inaugurated in October 1982 but became operation in 1983.  It uses the Magat River,  the largest tributary of the great Cagayan River.




      This dam has a dual purpose: as a source of irrigation water for the wide rice fields of Isabela, as well as a provider of clean hydro-electric power.  It could produce 540 MW of power to supply the Luzon grid.  Ironically, despite the fact that the Magat Dam is located in Isabela, the electric rates of the province is still sky-high.






      The wide-open spaces, as well as the cool breeze all-year long, makes the Magat Dam a perfect place for jogging, walking or even family picnics.  If you happen to pass by Isabela, you must find time to visit this place.






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