Villa Diana: Ifugao Road Trip Stopover No. 1




      Villa Diana Hotel and Cafe in Cordon, Isabela  was our first stop on our way to Ifugao Province. The primary purpose of the stopover? To have a hearty breakfast before embarking on the two & half hour trip to see the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao Province, the next door neighbor of Isabela.


      Our breakfast fare was fried rice with crispy daing na bangus, sunny-side up eggs, slices of fresh ripe tomatoes, tender delicious beef tapa, coffee and succulent & sweet mangoes.  YUMMYLIOUS! On hindsight, however, one of our friends should not have eaten too much – as the tortous road going up to Banaue (euphimistically called “Bituka ng Manok“) made him sick …






      Villa Diana started as  a small bed and breakfast that grew to it’s present size after only a few years in operation.  It is a perfect venue for corporate events and weddings.  In fact, the day that we were there, the whole hotel was fully booked with 120 guests from the regional office of the DILG!




      What was unique to Villa Diana is a TREE HOUSE that is actually a large airconditioned room with an en-suite bathroom – which you can rent at a very affordable rate of only P1,495 per night!  We made a mental note to try the Tree House IF ever we get the chance to pass this way again in the (far?) future.






      If you are travelling through Isabela and would want a good place to stop-over, try Villa Diana in Cordon, Isabela.




Disclosure:  Our breakfast was paid for by our hosts, who are good friends of the owners of Villa Diana.



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