Lagawe: Ifugao Roadtrip Stopover No.2




      We were gingerly inching our way to Banaue, passing by the fringes of Nueva Viscaya, careful of the twist and turns that can cause severe motion sickness for those vulnerable to it despite a double dose of Bonamine!




      We had to make an unscheduled stop-over in the small town after Lamut before reaching Lagawe town proper.  The “bituka ng manok” zig-zag road in Nueva Vizcaya was just too much to handle … 




      What a sight to behold early in the morning! The tributary of the mighty Cagayan River bisecting the mountain range of Lagawe.  And since the rainy season has just begun, the river isn’t raging as much as it should be.  This river is part of the “white water rafting” adventure now being popularized in this part of the country.




      After a few minutes of admiring the vast beauty of the place, we move on … until our next stop-over.






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