Roxas City Revisited: March 2011



      As I drove past the Roxas City Plaza today, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the “new” look of the fountain.  It has been restored nearly to it’s original form – elegantly simple that it blends beautifully with the surrounding structures.  Clean water is flowing from the pipes (goodbye pesky Dengue mosquitoes!)  and the fountain stands regal in the center of the rotunda.







      And as if on cue, the Cathedral also sported a new coat of paint – discarding the “either-you-hate-it-or-you-like-it” (Immaculate Mary) blue facade that was apparently inspired by the old churches in Macau.  You pan to your left and pan to the right – all the colors now match: The Cathedral, the Provincial Hall and the fountain.  Even the architectural styles have agreed with each other!






      This is Roxas City, MY hometown for the past 19 years (wow, since January 15, 1992!). Welcome to my hometown!




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