Hingyon Rice Terraces: Ifugao Roadtrip Stopover No. 3




      From Lagawe, it was just a matter of minutes to get to Banaue.  But we had to make occasional stops to take away the vertigo that comes with the road trip.  Fortunately, there was this entrepreneurial local who set up a Ifugao hut-cum-handicraft store in a roadside overlooking a small rice terraces, the Hingyon Rice Terraces.  When we got there, there were already three vans carrying about fifteen Italian tourists who came from Banaue and were going to Manila.






      Hingyon is the town immediately before Banaue, about 8 kilometers from Lagawe.  They have pockets of rice terraces here. Some have been recently planted with rice.




      Surprisingly, the souvenir items sold in this Ifugao-hut-cum-shop are very reasonable.  They are actually cheaper than the same items sold in the shops surrounding the view deck in Banaue Rice Terraces!




      After buying several souvenir items – well actually, our hosts did most of the buying, including a native drum set (4 drums in one), a 2 1/2 foot wooden carving of the Virgin Mary, 6 pieces of a 6-inch wooden imitation of an Ifugao hut and a wooden ashtray – off we went to the Banaue Rice Terraces.  But not after the obligatory photo-ops!




      Banaue Rice Terraces, here we come!




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