Finally: Banaue Rice Terraces



      This is it!  About four hours after we left Santiago City in Isabela (with three stop overs along the way), we finally reached Banaue.  We just made another brief stop at the Banaue Hotel to answer nature’s call and then we were off to the view deck.



      We belatedly realized that March isn’t the best month to go here.  Planting season has just begun, so the rice terraces were not as picture-perfect, with irrigated empty plots waiting for rice seedlings to be transplanted.



     There were no other tourists at that time, so we had the view deck all to ourselves.  The friendly Ifugao shop-owner even lent us some Ifugao headgears to use for our photo-shoot, with the obligatory old Ifugao lady of course!




      We lingered a few more minutes in the view deck, admiring what a magnificent sight this used to be.  Sad that the government (specifically the Department of Tourism) seems to have neglected this 2,000 year-old manmade treasure.  This used to be called the “Eigth Wonder of the World” … now, we are left to wonder, what went wrong?





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