Ibulao-Ibulao Bed & Breakfast: The Secret Hideaway in Ifugao



      More than the Banaue Rice Terraces, the Ibulao-Ibulao Bed & Breakfast (IIBB) in Kiangan, Ifugao is a MUST destination when one visits Ifugao Province.  Our generous hosts, Buddy & Bona de Vera of Santiago City, arranged for our lunch stop in this quaint mountain top home of two former USA-based Obstetric-Gynecologists, Drs. Roberto “Toto” and Tess Kalugdan, who in the late 1990′s decided to uproot themselves from the US of A and start their practice here in Ifugao Province.




      What started out as their mountain retreat home, IIBB has evolved into a 40-bed bed & breakfast facility with Dr. Tess whipping delicious foods for their guests using her own recipes.  Dr. Toto, a graduate of UERM 1981, does the interiors and is the resident host who makes everyone feel so at home (in their home!).  He also has a one-stop shop, the Ibulao-Ibulao Gift Shop,  that sells all original wood furnitures he designs (using locally-sourced wood and crafted by local artisans), as well as other Ifugao products, including the Ifugao Coffee beans that he personally roasts.




      IIBB also promotes the newest adventure in Ifugao – the white water river rafting along the Ibulao Rapids.  They only offer this adventure from August until February when the rapids are at their best (and the river with enough water level).  The whole course is about 11 kilometers and would last around 1 1/2 hours from start (Mungayan Bridge) to finish (Ibulao Bridge).  There are other adventure packages for the strong of heart – trekking & hiking of the scenic views of the Batad or Hapao Terraces, cave exploration of Pangagawan Cave in Bolog, Kiangan and the Mossy Forest adventure.




      We have more than enough reasons to go back to Ifugao.  We will be back. Definitely.



Disclosure:  Our hosts paid for our lunch at IIBB.  We are not, in any way, related to the owners.  For inquiries and reservations, you can contact them at totokalug@yahoo.com.ph or thcalugdan@yahoo.com.  Only guests with reservations will be entertained. Please take note that walk-in guests will be politely refused.




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5 responses to Ibulao-Ibulao Bed & Breakfast: The Secret Hideaway in Ifugao

  1. The place is so cozy, perfect for people who want to have a calm and serenity on going vacation. I like the wood chess boards and the foods are tempting.

  2. Conrad R. Zapanta, M.D.

    Since 2006, our Medical/Surgical/Dental Team of 20 plus members from the USA has been the guest of Drs. Toto and his beautiful wife Tes, at Ibulao Bed & Breakfast. Here we enjoyed true Filipino hospitality, delicious breakfast and most of all the beautiful,relaxing,safe and secure atmosphere provided by Drs Toto and Tess.
    Every year we look forward to staying at this beautiful place and
    serving the needy people of Ifugao province at the Ifugao General Hospital, only a few miles away!
    We will be there again Jan. 21-18, 2012.

  3. Administrator

    I envy you Dr. Conrad! We want to return to Ibulao Bed & Breakfast and enjoy the hospitality of Drs. Toto and Tes. Maybe in 2012. Good luck in your next medical mission.

  4. Ed O. Pelausa MD

    I was a member of Dr. Conrad Zapanta’s mission team to Ifugao in January 2012 and we stayed at IIBB – what a wonderful, unique & original place! Drs. Toto & Tess showed full Filipino hospitality. Toto was hilarious with beetles and San Miguel beer! Tess made the most delicious breakfasts. The views out were awesome – Garden of Eden… The setting could not have been more romantic. Personally, I had a great time & would love to come again!

  5. Administrator

    I agree with you Ed – the views were awesome! I hope to go back there one of these days.

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