Tribu Irayanhon: Pintados de Pasi 2011 Champions (Barangay Level)




      This year’s Pintados de Pasi’s Champion (Barangay Level) is the Tribu Irayanhon.



      Tattooing is performed by a highly-skilled and trained male member of the tribe who has has a clear grasp about the literal and figurative meanings of patterns, designs and positions. Allegedly, a tattooed young man is more attractive to women because this is a proof of his bravery and dedication ot the tribe. In contrast, the tattoos of women are usually limited to the hand, arms, feet, ears and lips.




      The usual patterns used are the linear, circular and geometric motifs. There is uniqueness in these body art as each of the geometric designs, including lines and circles, convey different  meanings depending on what area of the body it is placed, or the addition of other designs, as well as who the person being tattooed is. 




      For incorporating all these intricate body art designs, and coming up with a lively dance choreography, Tribu Irayanhon was declared the Champion of the Pintados de Pasi 2011.  Congratulations Tribu Irayanhon!  May your tribe increase!





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