Biri Island Experience: Touring the Island


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      After literally dropping our things in our assigned rooms at the Biri Resort, we hurriedly changed into our swimming outfits, packed our photo gears and off we went to the northernmost tip of Biri Island where the majestic rock formations are found.


      Of course, we went there using the ever reliable “habal-habal“.

photo by Ludette Ruiz of


      The ride was not exactly a comfortable one – but it was definitely FUN.  First, you have to cling tight to the driver in front of you, lest you fall off the “habal-habal” when you pass through rough terrain.  Then, you have to keep your delicate balance or else, everyone falls off the “habal-habal” with you. And then, you negotiate through thick foliage – with branches hitting smack right into your face!


photo by Ludette Ruiz of


      Then after a few minutes, you reach the shoreline … and from a distance you hear the ravaging waves crashing the big boulders. And you forget you are in a delicate balancing act on the “habal-habal“.  Your excitement gets the better of you!




photo by Ludette Ruiz of


      To get close to these magnificent rock formations, one would have to cross the shallow part of the ocean separating the shore from these naturally crafted sculptures.  It would seem very easy until you get to try it.  The rocks scattered underneath the waters can be tricky – and slippery too.  And you have to tip-toe your way around to avoid crushing the live corals underneath.




      And after slowly negotiating this part of the ocean, one is rewarded with a magnificent, jaw-dropping sight!



      Biri Island is subjected to some major pounding by the mighty force of the raging Pacific Ocean, coupled with the fierce tidal currents and this is what you get – naturally sculpted rock formations. Biri Island is blessed with natural beauty, it is a little less than 8 kilometres long and at its widest point is roughly 2 ½ kilometers.

      So many sights to digest, and so little time to do it.





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