Biri: A Photographer’s Heaven



      The rock formations of Biri Island has graced many photography magazines. And it is not so surprising since from different angles, as well as different time of day, one can capture the various facets of these magnificent natural creations. Defintely, the photo-opportunities in Biri are endless.





      That is why we joined a small group of professional photographers from Leyte and Cebu for a two day photoshoot in Biri Island.  Being photo-enthusiasts, we were in great company! We learned a lot from the masters.



      Seeing them at work, inspired us more to improve our photographic skills.  The real test was when we did the sunrise shoot (more on that in another photo-blog) on our second day in Biri Island.  We were literally rained out … no, we were stormed out!




      And as true professionals, the photo-shoot must go on no matter what the circumstances.  Or in this case, despite the gloomy weather.




      It was indeed a privilege to be in the company of these esteemed photographers. 

Photo by Paul Gotiong of




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2 responses to Biri: A Photographer’s Heaven

  1. rhona

    Hello, may I know how many days have you stayed in Biri and in which resort? I would like to know the needs of photography enthusiast going to Biri since they are our target market for our business plan.

    I am a student from UP Cebu, and my two group mates and I really enjoyed the rock formations last August although we only went to Magasang Rock Formation and Beil-at.

    Hoping for your reply. Thank you so much!

  2. Administrator

    We stayed for three day – just enough to experience the sunrise and sunset in the rock formations (photographers love to take sunrise and sunset photos!).

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