Biri Island’s Gem: Magasang Rock Formations



      It is an understatement to say that Biri Island is blessed with natural God-given beauty. The most visited site, located on the north end of Biri, is an enormous rock formation called Magasang.





      Magasang was crafted in time (and continues to be created and “revised”) by the tools provided by nature herself. Gales of winds blasting away non-stop, coupled with the monstrous waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean and the frequent storms that have lashed these rocks to create these magnificent huge natural stone formations. One has to see for himself to admire God’s incredible power …




      And just down from Magasang is the best natural saltwater pool in the Philippines, Bel-ot. Famous award-winning Filipino Film Director Chito Rono is from the province of Samar and he has used this location for a number of Filipino movies.  It is clear to see why they have chosen this back drop – it is cinematic as well as dramatic.




      Biri Island is also teeming with  healthy live coral reefs – proof that this part of the Philippines has remained relatively untouched by droves of ecologically uncaring tourists.  It helps that getting here is no picnic and only the brave-heart is rewarded with such beautiful panoramic views.




      Our local tour guide tells us that further down where Magasang Rock formations stand are more dramatic rock formations.  But getting there is quite dangerous since, unlike Magasang, there are no clear paths to follow. Maybe that is one more reason why we have to come back here.  Biri Island of my dreams …





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