Biri: Walk Around Town



       Biri is an island-municipality of Northern Samar, accessible only by motor boat from Lavezares town.  It is a fifth class municipality with 1,661 households (2000 census) with only about 8,700 people living in this island, subsisting primarily on fishing and only lately, eco-tourism.




       There are eight barangays: Poblacion, MacArthur, Kauswagan, Pio del Pilar, Talisay, San Antonio, San Pedro and Sto. Niño. We only visited three of them: Poblacion where the Biri Resort is located; Sto. Niño where we docked and the barangay where the Magasang Rock Formations are found (MacArthur?).



      The Poblacion of Biri is a typical small town in the Philippines.  People genuinely smile when you meet them on the road.  They congregate in the plaza for some small talk, or just for some bonding time.  The young are in the basketball court (facing the old church whuch was closed at that time for major renovations) having a friendly basketball game.



       The people of Biri do not seem to know how blessed they are with such natural beauty.  It has been part of their life and what seems ordinary to them, is extra-ordinarily beautiful for outsiders like us.



       Indeed, it is a “Biri, Biri” beautiful island.  We are glad that we were able to visit it.



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