Biri Island: From My Friends’ Lenses


Photo by Eurica Dimayuga



       We first heard about Biri Island from our friends in Leyte who visited this place last year and posted their awesome pictures in their travel blog.  From then on, we were hooked. We just have to see this place. Fortunately for us, we were able to join a group of seasoned photographers from Manila, Cebu and Leyte who all had one mission in mind: Shoot the fantastic Rock Formations in Biri Island.


Photo by Gerry Ruiz of



       Unfortunately, three from the original group (all from Manila), were not able to land in Catarman because of poor weather conditions. So the original group of a dozen whetted down to only nine.


Photo by Paul Gotiong of



       Each of these photographers caught the innate beauty if Biri Island in their own cameras (overwhelmingly Canon).  Spread here are some of their works … You can visit their websites to view more of the fantastic shots.

photo by Ludette Ruiz of



Photo by Paul Gotiong of



photo by Ludette Ruiz of


      What is great when you travel with professional photographers is that you get great pictures of yourself – for free!


Photo by Gerry Ruiz of




photo by Ludette Ruiz of


      We are looking forward to the day we will visit Biri Island again. 




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2 responses to Biri Island: From My Friends’ Lenses

  1. Mayow


    I’m from Northern Samar and currently taking up BS Mgt in UP. We are currently making a business plan for the development of biri Island. The Plan aims not just to develop the tourism industry but to create a community-based tourism that will somehow uplift the lives of the birianons and eventually the Norte Samarnons. With this, I just want to ask some questions:

    1.) As a photography enthusiast, Which of the rock formations do you find most picturesque?
    2.) Among the rock formations, in which spots/locations will you recommend to other photography enthusiasts ?
    3.) did you stay in one the resorts or home stay?
    4.) Do you want to avail a package tour to Biri?
    5.) What will you suggest for the improvement of Biri? :)

    Thank you!

  2. Administrator

    Sorry for the late reply (I had problems accessing my website). Each of the rock formations have their own peculiar beauty – and even the different times of the day (casting shadows) offer different view of the same rock formation. If you have the time, you should visit all the rock formations. We stayed in a resort arranged by my wife, who is a travel agency operator. Recently, I have noticed that the local government is building a concrete bridge linking the main island to the rock formations. It totally destroyed the beauty of the place! What a shame. They should just leave Biri island as it is – a nature’s paradise.

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