San Guillermo: Passi Church



       This massive baroque church of Passi City in Iloilo was made in 1812, only one of the 72 Agustinian Churches in the island of Panay. The original structure was destroyed by fire caused by lighting in its earlier years and was subsequently rebuilt to its’ present state.




       Today, this church in the middle of the plaza, is home to the most number of images of the Blessed Virgin. A garden adorn with quite a number of saints is also found here. They named it Jardin de los Santos.





       Would you know when and where the first church of Panay was built? As an adopted Ilonggo, and more so as a Christian, I am interested to know.




        Fr. Pedro Gallende’s “Angels in Stone: Agustinian Churches in the Philippines” offer the answer.

      The first church built in Philippine soil is located in the town of Dumangas. This town was not Dumangas when the Agustinian Fathers established the first Agustinian church in Panay Island, in 1566.  Today, according to Dr. Pido of Iloilo, “the church is still there on top of a hill, outside the town of Dumangas. Only the stone floor, part of the old walls, the table in front of the alter exist, as well as part of the altar.”



       I think it would be nice to do a complete photoblog about all the 72 Agustinian Churches in Panay Island … that will be part of my “to do” list for 2012.




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