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Myanmar Buffet: Bagan-Style

          When my wife and I travel, we have two purposes in mind: photography and food. Myanmar is not known to be a food heaven like [..]

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The Gentle People of Bagan

          The people of Myanmar, especially those whom we met in Bagan, were generally shy and gentle at the same time. From the staff of the [..]

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Thiri Marlar Hotel Bagan: Our Private Oasis

          We have been traveling all around Asia and have stayed in different hotels, from the cheapest to the extravagant.   Our basic requirements for a good hotel [..]


Sunrise Over Bagan

          Frustrated that we never got the chance to photograph the famous Bagan sunset, we set our goal the following day, to chase the sunrise instead. [..]

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Sunset Over Bagan

          We have seen fantastic photographs capturing the golden sunset across the Bagan plains with the ancient temples in the background. It was simply beautiful for [..]

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Bagan: The Crown Jewel of Myanmar

          Bagan, formerly Pagan, is an ancient city in the province of Mandalay in Central Myanmar.  It is predominantly a stretch of flat (plains) land sprawled on [..]

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Where It All Bagan

            When my wife and I were planning my golden birthday trip to Siem Reap last year, I researched on the various temples there and I stumbled [..]

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