Myanmar Buffet: Bagan-Style



      When my wife and I travel, we have two purposes in mind: photography and food. Myanmar is not known to be a food heaven like Thailand or Hongkong (our two favorite places in Asia). But just the same, we ventured and found the perfect way to “sample” Myanmar cuisine … through the lunch buffet in Bagan.


Mutton curry ... soft , delicious meat.

Prawn Curry


      During our first day in Bagan, we asked our guide to bring us to the best place where we can eat some authentic Myanmar food – and he happily suggested his uncle’s roadside restaurant where they have daily LUNCH BUFFET – at only 30,000Kyat per person (roughly US$3.50).


Native Fried Chicken peppered with Burmese spices.

Crunchy deep-fried dilis with Burmese spices


      When we arrived there, we were greeted warmly by our guide’s relatives.  We surveyed the place and didn’t see any buffet table or spread.  We were ushed to one of the tables, still perplexed on how this buffet would go. And then, the food was served … one after another!


This is our lunch buffet spread during our first day in Bagan.


      So this is how they do their buffet – Bagan-style.  They serve the food – all of the available for that day (usually 12-15 dishes) – on your table and feast on the food, wether you finish them or not.  With the rice and sour soup, came six different side-dishes, seven main dishes and dessert.


Sweet endings ... sugared peanut candies.


      As if we didn’t have a fill of our Myanmar food fest, we did it again the following day in a different restaurant (this time recommended by our driver).  There were less dishes, but they were all equally delicious!


"Golden Myanmar Rastaurant" where we had our second lunch buffet.

This is the typical Myanmar lunch buffet offering.

We ordered fresh lime soda ... and we were given slices of lime and a can of cold soda water.


      So when in Myanmar, make sure you have one of these lunch buffet …

At only US$7 for both of us, this is a GREAT lunch!




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